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people who kaer

Intestinal drops for dogs with pre- & probiotics

Intestinal drops for dogs with pre- & probiotics

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• Intestinal drops for dogs with pre- and probiotics, psyllium husk and inulin

• Made in Germany

• Weight: approx. 90g (60 drops of 1.5g each)

• Brand: people who kaer


5kg dog: 1 drop per day
10kg dog: 2 drops per day
20kg dog: 3 drops per day
30kg dog: 4 drops per day
40kg dog: 5 drops per day
50kg dog: 6 drops per day

Consumption time:

Up to 5 kg body weight - about 8.5 weeks
Up to 10 kg body weight - about 4.5 weeks
Up to 20 kg body weight - about 3 weeks
Up to 30 kg body weight - about 2 weeks
Up to 40 kg body weight - about 1.5 weeks


Apple fiber, carrot powder and whey powder, inulin (from Jerusalem artichoke) & yeast, psyllium husk,

Fennel, caraway and anise, milk thistle seeds, Bacillus subtilis (probiotics, digestive)


31.5% yeast (contains, among other things, 14g MOS and 17.5g GPS), 8% whey powder, 5% inulin,
3% psyllium husks, 1.5% apple pomace, 1% fennel, 1% caraway seeds, 1% anise,
1% milk thistle seeds

analytical components

• 15.3% crude protein, 4.7% crude fat, 5.5% crude fiber, 36.9% crude ash, 12.4% calcium, 3% phosphorus 

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