Students & seniors

We believe that every animal deserves high-quality products. It doesn't matter whether it's food, beds, collars or toys.

We also know that students and seniors in particular are suffering from the current price increases in the country. Of course, we don't want important equipment or food to become unaffordable for anyone.

That's why we introduced our new student & senior program.

Students and seniors (aged 65 and over) now receive a 15% discount on their orders of €40 or more (apart from sales or other discount campaigns).

And this is how it works:

• Create an account in the online shop and enter your details

• Send us your enrollment certificate or appropriate proof of age by email ( Please select “Students & Seniors Discount” as the subject.

Important: If you write from an email address other than the one specified during registration, please enter the email stored in your account.

• We check your documents. You will then receive a discount code. The discount code is valid until the end of the semester for students and permanently for seniors. It is personalized and non-transferable.

• Simply enter the discount code with every new order and save permanently!

how to redeem your discount code for new customers

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Specify email

Enter your email address further down on this page and click on the arrow. This will register your email in our system.

E-Mail received

Waiting for an email from us. In this email you must confirm that you really want to be registered in our newsletter. To do this, simply click on the button in the email. As soon as you see a confirmation page, your email has been successfully registered and you will now receive exciting news, great promotions and product previews in front of the public!

This procedure is called “double opt-in” and is mandatory within the EU.


The new customer discount that you have already received will be registered for your stored email immediately after these steps.

So you can start shopping without any worries.

Simply put all the products you want in your shopping cart, enter your discount code in the checkout and click “redeem”. The discount will be automatically applied to the matching products.

Please note, if you have several new customer discounts, only one new customer discount can be redeemed per customer. Therefore, please choose the one that best suits your case.